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We provide a wide selection of firearms and archery equipment. Whether it's for sport or personal protection, GRASMEYER BROS. is you go-to shop.


We offer a wide variety of basic to advance classes in training to help you become a more efficient skilled shooter. We have three convenient gun ranges located right at our shop.  

Muskegon Chamber of Commerce
USA Carry
Kymco™ USA
National Rifle Association

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Who We Are

GRASMEYER BROS. of Twin Lake, Michigan, is a shop offering different firearms for sale. We have more than five years of experience in providing different gear and equipment, as well as firearms training. GRASMEYER BROS. does not solely focus on providing top-quality products but also on showing genuine care to customers. We have NRA™-Certified Instructors and DNR™-Certified Hunter Safety Instructors on our team.

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Contact us in Twin Lake, Michigan, for all of your firearms and archery needs.